My Estate Sale Find!

1:34 PM

I like garage sales...but I LOVE estate sales!
If you get there early enough you can usually find some great items. Plus, I love walking through the houses!

I found this beautiful table at an estate sale in my neighborhood. There were 2 other people in line to buy it but were unsure. Then the price dropped and I was the only one at the table! I gave my Husband "the look" and he whipped out the checkbook! SCORE! It was all!
I can't remember exactly how much I paid for it but I know that it was under $50.

Right now it sits in my dinning room.

I just love all the iron work!

Right now the wood work is a light blue. I've been thinking of painting it or even staining it but I'm not sure what color. I would like it to stand out but for now it stays blue.

I am open to paint color suggestions!!

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  1. I actually like it blue! It's a great piece. If I were to paint it at all, I'd probably paint the iron white ( or I'd paint the table part white). I'm loving white these days though!

  2. Oh Sarah! Great find...I love the iron too! :) Thanks for linking up!
    Bonnie :)


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