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I gave my 10 month old RED Jello for a snack the other day and after he was done I cleaned him up and let him play in the living room. I must not have cleaned him well enough because 3 days later my husband found red stains all over our chair and carpet! I thought for sure I wasn't going to be able to get it out since it sat there for a few days. But, to my surprise it did! With little effort to top it off!

I have been working on keeping our house chemical free and healthy for my family. So, I used my handy dandy Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate. This cleans practically anything!

I put straight Basic H2 on it and scrubbed it in with my finger nail.

Here is what it looked like with Basic H2 on it...

Here's another...

and a close up...

I let it sit on there while I dusted the dining room.
Then I filled a spray bottle with extremely hot water and sprayed it on the spots.
I rubbed gently with a clean towel and it came up fast.
All the spots came out! I was so excited that I took pics before the chair was dry :)

Here are some after pics...

Now, for my carpet!
I told my Husband that if it didn't come out he would have to put in hardwood floors ;)
But of course it did! (Lucky Chris! lol)

I did the same exact thing to the carpet as I did to the chair.
I used Basic H2 and HOT water.



How do you clean your carpet or furniture?

Happy New Year!!!

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  1. Oh my!!! I would have been in total panic mode! I have been looking for a new cleaner. Thanks for sharing :D

    Welcome to the bloggy world :D


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