How to clean a glass shower door

11:31 AM

I HATE cleaning shower doors! I would rather clean the toilet then the shower doors any day!
I have extremely hard water and my shower doors prove that. Instead of being shiny and smooth they are white, spotty, and they feel like a chalkboard. YUCK!

So, to make my shower doors sparkle like they have never before, I used my Shaklee Scour Off and my Basic H2 Degreaser. The best part about theses cleaners is that they are all natural, chemical free, and don't give off any fumes. So, you are not breathing in harmful toxins. The Scour off paste actually smells like cherries!
*I wet a sponge, dipped it into the scour off paste, and went to town!
*After scouring I rinsed of the paste with warm water.
*Then I sprayed Basic  H2 Degreaser and  wiped it down with my microfiber towel.
*You can use the Basic H2 All Purpose cleaner but I like the extra shine the degreaser leaves.

Here is the before...

Here is the after! IMPRESSIVE!

Once again..

I now leave a microfiber towel hanging on the shower door to wipe it down after showers. So, now it will stay this shiny! I smile every time I see my shower! :)

Visit my Shaklee website HERE!
I use Basic H2 on everything!! Basic H2 is an organic super cleaning concentrate. It is nontoxic, natural superconcentrated, no phosphates, and has biodegradable surfactants.
Just one bottle of Basic H2 equals the the cleaning uses of 5,824 bottles of 26 oz. Windex (as of 6/25/10)!
Amazing isn't it?!

To mix the All-Purpose Cleaner:
Mix: 1. Add 16 oz. of water
2. Add 1/4 tsp. of Basic H2
Use to clean: Kitchens, appliances, bathrooms, furniture, fixtures, walls, stainless steel, sealed granite, marble, and woodwork.

To mix the Window Cleaner:
Mix: 1. Add 16 oz. of water
2. Add 2 drops of Basic H2
Use to clean: Windows and mirrors.

To mix the Degreaser:
Mix: 1. Add 16 oz. of water
1. Add 1 1/2tsp. of Basic H2
Use to clean:Ovens, microwaves ovens, stove pans, and oven grills.
There are a lot more uses for Basic H2 that I have not listed.

Needless to say I HEART BASIC H2!

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  1. Wow, that does look great. I hate cleaning shower doors as well. I finally learned to wipe it off every day after I take my shower. I found you through Debbiedoo's.

    You can check me out at

  2. Ok I am checking this stuff out..I am with ya, I hate cleaning shower doors. Thanks for joining me...have fun!!~ XO

  3. I hate cleaning them too. this stuff looks like it works great. will try soon.

  4. Hi...I found your blog via Debbie's newbie party.

    I can't stand cleaning shower doors either! I feel like I can never get them clean no matter what I use or how hard I scrub. I'm going to to have to try that combination. :)

  5. i have never heard of this product but i need it. we have clear glass shower doors and they are a bugger to clean. this sounds like the perfect solution!!


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  6. I've been wanting to try this...You have inspired me!! = )))

  7. Love that clean shower door! I love to clean and those products are packaged so pretty!

  8. Those look like great products. Nice job! Thanks for visiting me.

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