How to clean your sink and hardwater

4:52 PM

I have very hard water. We have been saving for a water softener but until then this is what my kitchen sink looks like ALL THE TIME! Sad I know...
I would love to get a new sink too cuz this one is is beat up and has clear top coat splatters from when I re-did a table. Blah!

I mean look at the white water marks...gross!

Who would want to drink out of this water filter?!

I took my favorite Shaklee Scour Off and a wet sponge and SPARKLE!

 I LOVE IT! Just wish I would keep it looking so beautiful everyday :)
I hardly scrubbed at all too!

If you like what you see try my Shaklee Scour Off for yourself and tell me how much you LOVE it!

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  1. Jane-
    You bet it works on shower doors! I get to clean my shower tonight...I'll take pics for ya!

  2. Sarah, That looks great!
    Thanks so much for coming to my blog and for the kind comments!
    Have a great day.


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