Week 2 - Organize Your Schedule

10:30 PM

Bonnie at House of Grace is having an Organize your Life Party! This party goes along with the book Organize Now! by Jennifer Ford Berry. You can visit Jennifer's blog here. This book has 52 weeks of organizing tips!
We are on Week #2 - Organize your Schedule!
I don’t really have a set schedule but I NEED one. I find myself getting lost on the internet, in a TV show, and when I clean I end up making a bigger mess. I like to start “NEW” and deep clean everything. So, I never seem to finish what I wanted to.
So, here goes my new schedule that I am going stick to. All though I do have to allow for unforeseen events.
Daily-to-do list:
feed and water animals, make beds, wipe down bathrooms, clean counter tops, & dishes.
Weekly-to-do list:
Monday: wash laundry and change bed linen and bathroom towels; change trash bags
Tuesday: vacuum and dust; menu planning and grocery shopping
Wednesday: wash laundry, clean windows, and wipe down door knobs and light switches
Thursday: vacuum and clean bathrooms
Friday: laundry and mopping
Monthly-to-do list:
Each day there is a new task. Ex. clean animal cages, wipe down kitchen chairs, clean out car...
Monthly De-cluttering Challenge:
Each month I have a room in the house where I de-clutter.
6:00 am – Rise and shine! This is when I get ready for the day. Brush teeth, do my hair and makeup, get dressed, etc. I’ll also wipe down the bathroom and make the bed. Did I mention I’m NOT a morning person?  I hate getting up early because when my husband is stressed out (almost all the time) he talks in his sleep. He also notices when I toss and turn and tries to keep me from falling off the bed even though I’m not. Then there is my son who wakes up every now and then in the middle of the night. So, in other words some mornings I just CAN’T get up early.
7:00 am – Vacuum the living room, wipe down coffee table, feed & water animals, and let dog out, make coffee and enjoy it while catching up on blog posts. I have a hairy black dog so I have to vacuum the living room, where Evan plays, every day. I also have a coffee table with a glass top. It collects all of Evan’s finger prints.
8:00 am – Evan usually wakes-up around this time. I get him dressed and feed him. While he is eating I’ll start my daily-to-do list.
9:00 am – Once my daily-to-do list is completed this is when I can start my monthly-to-do list.
10:00 am – Snack time! Then around 10:30 I read Evan a book and put him down for a nap. On Tuesday’s this is when I would be getting everything ready for work and for the babysitter.

11:00 am – On Tuesday’s this is when I teach dance. On the other days I work out (except Friday’s). Going to buy Wii Zumba! YAY! On Friday’s I play with Evan.
12:00 pm – Lunch time! On Tuesday’s the babysitter feeds Evan while I run errands and go grocery shopping. Otherwise, we eat lunch together.
1:00 pm – I work on my Monthly De-cluttering Challenge.

2:00 pm – Snack time!

3:00 pm – Evan's 2nd nap.

4:00 pm – On Friday’s I teach 3 hip-hop classes all in a row. I qualify this as my work out for the day.  On the other days I get the house ready for Chris to come home.

5:00 pm – Prepare dinner and clean up the toys.
6:00 pm  -  Eat dinner. I’m not always lucky to have my Husband off of work to eat dinner with us as a family but I can still enjoy it with Evan. On Friday’s I’m still not home from work so my Hubby feeds Evan.
7:00 pm – On Friday’s this is when my Sister-in-Law Kim comes over for dinner and a movie night. Otherwise, Evan gets a bath and gets ready for bed.
8:00 pm – This is Evan’s bed time. I read to him and we snuggle for a bit before he goes to bed. Once he is in bed I get ready for bed myself.
9:00 pm – Grown-up time! We like to watch seasons of TV shows on Netflix because we don’t have cable. Right now we are watching LOST, HEROES, and GREEK.
10:00 – 12:00 pm – BED TIME! Sometimes my Hubby doesn’t come home until 11:00 and I like to wait for him and talk about our day while he eats dinner. So, ‘bed time’ is kind of up in the air.
Okay, well this is my ideal schedule. Most I already do but some I have added. I’m glad I got the chance to sit and really think about my schedule and improve my time management…I’m excited to get started!

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