Sparkle + Teal Crackle = Nail Polish LUV!

12:34 PM

I LUV nail polish!!
 I just got my nails done last week and I'm in LUV with China Glaze's Crackle!
Here is how my nails turned out! I've gotten tons of compliments!
 Plus, it's a great color and design for Easter!

I put China Glaze - Snow Globe (2 coats) as the base.

Then LIGHTLY I put China Glaze's - Crushed Candy on over the Snow Globe after it was completely dry.

It cracks immediately!

Then after that is dry apply a top coat!

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Crackle LUV....Your friend

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  1. heyy lovely color of nail polish. it looks very funny though.

  2. Love this! It looks like water nymph nail polish or something


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