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Today's post is on Car Wash Soap.

Many of us drive-up to a car washing station and pay $7.00+ to get our cars washed. I always loved watching the pretty colors getting sprayed on the car and I remember how it smelled.
I got my car cleaned a couple weeks ago for my birthday and paid the cheapest price they had which was $8.00(plus tip). I was so disappointed that it didn't get all the bugs off and certain areas weren't even touched.
My family and I took a 6 hour trip to Iowa last weekend and came back with our car looking like it had a beard of bugs splattered all over the front. I had to wash it right away otherwise the acid from the bug guts (eww!) would eat away at the paint. 

I decided to try-out Shaklee's Basic H2 from their Get Clean line. It's an organic super cleaning concentrate.

I mixed 1 Tablespoon of Basic H2 with 1 gallon of water.

It didn't suds up as much I thought it would but it didn't matter it worked easily and quickly! I was happy! I dried the car with a microfiber cloth. My car is so clean it acts like a mirror. Seriously, I was walking to my car in a parking lot and I thought a bird pooped on it but it was a reflection of another white car! LOL Silly me!

I love the fact that it cleaned my big van for the cost of 19.8cents!

Here are the before and after pics:

Besides Basic H2 cleaning so well it is also nontoxic, natural, superconcentrated, biodegradable surfactants, and has no phosphates.

I got rid of all these cleaners I had for our cars. I now have a free shelf for other storage!

Which we haven't used in awhile because I would go to a car wash until now. I looked up the MSDS sheets on Car Wash Soaps and this is what I read.
(this is only a section of the MSDS sheet to see more click on the link below)

Do you like washing your own car?

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  1. This is great, thanks. I wondered how it would work on my car.

  2. can Basic-H be used in a pressure washer?

  3. Basic h2 can be used in a pressure washer. Just use about 1 Tablespoon per gallon of water.

  4. I really think it'd be better if owners cleaned their cars by themselves, because they are the ones who know where all the debris is located. In that way, they could focus on every nook and cranny of the car.

    Junior Perrera


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