How to earn a full-time income working part-time from home!

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That title sounds like a dream to most people but in fact you can make it your reality.

I am making this my reality. I get to stay home to raise my son and I only work during nap time and when he goes to bed. I'm currently working towards earning enough so that my husband can stay home as well. When that day comes I'll make sure to make a video of my little happy dance for you :)

When we got married I pictured spending most of my time with my family, playing, going on vacations, and feeling free to do anything we wanted. Man was I wrong! Our reality was all work and no play. There were no vacations, no playing as a family, and we felt trapped because money was very, very tight. We now see a light at the end of the tunnel.

My husband works 50-60hrs. a week but not in the field where he can utilize his 2 bachelor's degrees. He comes home worn out, cranky, and doesn't get to see his son in the morning before work or kiss him good night. He has missed many of his son's milestones like when he learned to roll over, learned to crawl, and his first steps.

This is the reality for most but, it doesn't have to be. In this post I will tell you how YOU can make money from home.

Shaklee Corporation

We're America's number one natural nutrition company. We make products that make people and the planet healthier. And we sell them through people. At the same time, we give those people an opportunity to make an income.
It's real income. Shaklee has paid over $5 billion in commissions to people like you.
And we'd like to offer this opportunity to you.

When you join you are not alone. We have weekly motivational calls, webinars, and a facebook group called Project Dream. Project Dream is where we can share ideas and questions. 

You can earn trips, money, and cars but they are not the only benefits we offer. Shaklee is about living life on your own terms, on your own schedule, with the people you choose. How much money you want to earn is up to you!

What does it take?
Just three clear steps to earning the rewards of a great living:
1 Use Shaklee products to make yourself healthier. Easy enough.
2 Share the products with others. You'll want to.
3 Mentor others to do what you're doing. Paying it forward pays you back.

How much money are we talking?
Instead of a fixed salary in a career that builds someone else's income dream, your Shaklee business is your own and has no income limit. What you put in is what you get out.

Ok, how do you start?
Get Started
There are a few ways to join, but the best is to join as a GOLD Ambassador. GOLD Ambassador's qualify for special GOLD bonuses and the Shaklee FastTRACK program bonuses
  • $299 GOLD PAK - A good way to start Shaklee-izing your home, you get 5 Shaklee best-selling products (a retail value of over $500). You get a Shaklee Personal Website at no additional cost for (3) months. And 250PV.
  • $599 GOLD PLUS PAK - This package is a good way to Shaklee-ize your home with 18 of the most popular Shaklee products (a retail value of over $850). You get a shaklee Personal Website Site, at no additional cost for (6) months. And 500PV.
  • $750 SUPER GOLD PAK - This package gives you the most comprehensive collection of products and accessories in four product packs (a retail value of up to $1,250). Plus, you have immediate bonus eligibility. You get a Shaklee Personal Web Site, at no additional cost for (6) months and a 500 PV.
Use Products
There's nothing like personal experience when you're sharing Shaklee with others. You're making yourself healthier as you consistently use these amazing products each month. Better yet, you get paid for being healthy - sales to yourself count toward your earnings.

Share Products
The first thing you will want to do is share our great products with the people you know. Then the best way to create a stable business is to keep sharing them each month.

Mentor Others
As you sing the praises of Shaklee, your enthusiasm is sure to inspire some people to join you in your business, just as you joined. You then have begun to build your team of people who will help you get what you want out of life.

Congratulations! Your business is off and running.

Pretty simple isn't it!

Every Tuesday we have a webinar at 9 pm central standard time that is open to everyone!
This webinar has great information about Shaklee and the Shaklee business. There are also amazing stories too!
To register for the webinar click HERE!


Are you unhappy with your income or want a different lifestyle for your family? Maybe you would like to be your own boss and want to work from home. Or maybe you love the Shaklee products and want to make some extra money sharing them.
Then this is a great opportunity for you!

If you want to share the health and earn wealth….Join my team HERE today!!

E-mail me at for more information about joining our Shaklee team!

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