My Shaklee Grand Opening!

10:02 AM

Hi Everyone!

This past weekend I had a Shaklee Grand Opening Event at my salon!

Even though I've been using Shaklee products for 2 years I never had a Grand Opening. So, I did!

It was a blast being able to talk to everyone and share how amazing and life changing these products are.

I displayed all my popular items!

Most of everyone that came had the Get Clean line and raved about it!

Their favorite is the Basic H2 hands down!

The Enfuselle skin care line has to be my new favorite.

I'm obsessed at how much my skin has changed! I've had so many compliments on my skin the last few weeks than I have in years!

People were saying how they could feel the difference in their body after taking Vivix and Vitalizer.

They had more energy and in general felt great!

CINCH! I use these products everyday!

They have kept extra baby weight off me!

Wish I used them before I was pregnant ;) I'm excited to lose all my extra weight with Cinch after Owen is born!!

The Shaklee Grand Opening was a blast! I'm inspired to have some more parties!!

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  1. This looks awesome! I love the way you displayed everything!


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