How to create the perfect eyebrow

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I had a bad experience yesterday trying out a new place to get my eyebrows waxed. I use to wax them myself and thought how stupid of me, I could go blind if I get wax in my eye! The place I went to was unsanitary, she didn't have a consultation with me, tweezed my brows in the wrong direction (OUCH!), and they looked awful. I ended up having to fix them. What a waste of money.

At the end of this post I'll give you a run down on what to look for when selecting a place to get your brows waxed.

But, if you like to do them yourself here is how you create the perfect eyebrow!

Good eyebrows make a huge difference to someone's appearance. 
Eyebrows that are arched and groomed nicely open up your eyes. They give you a quick eye lift without going under the knife!

  • If you have a round face you'll want to be more angular with your brows. (pin-up style)
  • If you have a more angular face you'll want a more rounded brow.
  • The start of your brow: use a thin handle of a make-up brush and rest it along side of your nose to your brow. Any hair that is between the handle and your nose should be removed.
  • The arch of your brow: use the make-up brush again and angle it from your nose and over your pupil. Where the handle goes over your brow is where the highest part of your arch should be.
  • The end of your brow: use the make-up brush again and angle it from your nose to the outer corner of your  eye. This is where your eyebrow should end.

  • Look at pictures with people who have a similar face shape and eyebrow as you. This will give you a better idea as to what shape you can make them.
  • If you're unsure as to where to tweeze, use a white eyeliner and shade where you think you would tweeze. This will give you a nice visual as to what they would look like.
  • When you tweeze, tweeze in the same direction as the hair grows. Eyebrows normally grow up and out.
  • Trim your browse too so the hair lays down nicely. Brush the hair up and cut the long hairs. Brush down as well.

  1. Look for their license. It should be visible for everyone to see. If it is not ask to see it. They must have a license to touch you.
  2. Make sure they give you a consultation. They should ask you what you would like done and have them repeat it to you.
  3. They should test the wax temperature BEFORE applying it to your skin.
  4. Their equipment should be cleaned after each client and not out in the open.
  5. Make sure the applicator they apply the wax with is thrown out after each use. There should be no "double-dipping".

I hope this helps you when your creating your prefect eyebrow!

I'm always open to questions and any suggestions on future posts!! :)

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