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Happy weekend everyone!

We came home from the hospital on Sunday with our new bundle of joy.

We are super happy to be a family of 4! I'm still figuring out how to juggle a newborn and a toddler while recovering from my c-section.

This weekend I have a guest blogger for you!!

Michelle Muckala is a blogger who inspires busy working women to lessen and organize the chaos in their lives.

In July of 2012, Michelle became depressed, was tired all the time, and stressed financially due to accumulating about $7,000 in unexpected expenses, in addition to $5,000 in medical bills. 

After finding ways to lessen the chaos in her life, Michelle started blogging to give other women working outside the home a place to go to organize the chaos in their lives. 

You can get free advice, tips, and strategies by following her at

I am SUPER excited to share this idea with you! I got the idea at the doctor's office today when reading Oprah's magazine. Isn't this genius? 

This involved having to combine two junk drawers out of my very few small drawers in my kitchen. Here is one of my junk drawers. 

I simply went through them, decluttered them, and combined them into one. So find which drawer you want to hold your spices and clean it out!

Remember this kitchen cupboard de-clutter fest we did?

Because of this day's de-cluttering, we should have a place for all our pens and change that we find in our junk drawers. Click here if you missed out and need a functional cabinet like this!

Then to our spice cupboards. Here is mine:  

I really really hate going in here! It's not easy to use at all, I have to take stuff out to get what I need. I've tried those risers and they were a pain still. But So excited because it wasn't hard to do at all!

First you want to line your drawer. This is really important! Not only does it make it look prettier (it almost masks that huge pen stain), but your spices won't slide around when you open/close the drawer.

Then I laid the spices down. 


I can literally open, grab, get what I need, put back. And do you see how I have duplicates of some spices? That's because I can't find what I need so I buy another one. Now it's super easy to know what I already have and see what is getting low. I love this!


Want your home de-cluttered before the holidays? Click here to get started!  

Click here to see how I organize a closet-less bedroom,  and click here to see how I organize under the bathroom sink!

READY TO MOVE ON TO DAY 17? Let's de-clutter our snack cupboard!

Michelle Muckala PH: 218-341-2699 Follow My Blog Connect With Me on Facebook! Need more energy, green household products that work and are easy on your wallet? Looking to lose weight? Go Shaklee Shopping!

Thank you so much Michelle! That's an awesome way to organize your spices!

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  1. The best time to de-clutter is a few weeks before the holidays. Particularly in the kitchen, where you will spend most of your time preparing the meals for festivity. To make the task easier, better start with deciding which things you want to get rid of – anything that is not beautiful or useful should automatically be donated or disposed.

    Clarence Rios @ Bins By Jo Ltd.


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