How to Organize your Refrigerator

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Happy 2014 Everyone!
In 2014, I have several plans in mind that I am going to accomplish. I say plans because I never stick with a "goal" and I have a plan set in my head as to how I'm going to accomplish everything.
The first thing on my list is to eat healthier.
Isn't that usually on everyone's list this time of year ;)
Now, I'm not perfect and of course I'm going to indulge myself every once in awhile. Remember it only says eat "healthier" :)
So, how are you going to start without throwing out all the food you have and wasting your money?
Oh, I'm so glad you asked!
I'm starting out by organizing my fridge of course!
Then the freezer, the pantry, and I'll create a meal plan with what I have.
We are a family that shops at Aldi and Walmart. Why? Because really that is the only two stores to do grocery shopping besides Jewel in our town. I would love to shop at Trader Joe's but it's way too far away and a bit pricey. However, if I'm near one I may stop in and get a few special items.
Aldi has healthier options which we always go for first and now they are starting to carry Organic foods. Which I'm totally excited for! When I can't find something at Aldi then I grab what I need at Walmart. Our grocery bill comes out to be $60-$90 every week to a week and a half. In the winter it seems to be a bit higher only because we are not eating from our garden. What I also love is that Walmart will price match any advertised priced on fruits and vegetables. So, if Aldi is having a good sale on fruits and vegetables in their ad and it doesn't look so fresh I'll bring the ad to Walmart... score!

I am also going to continue my Shaklee 180 Smoothies. Why? Because they are incredibly good for you. I am not trying to lose weight since I am 5 months pregnant but the smoothies are really good for baby. They helped me not gain excess weight with my 2nd pregnancy and I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans within 3 weeks of my C-section and 10 pounds less than when I got pregnant! You can't beat that!!
Another way to save time and have healthier dinners on the table is to create freezer meals with Wildtree. Ever heard of it? My friend introduced me to it and I'm hosting my first freezer meal workshop in February!!
OK, so the real reason you are reading this post

How to Organize you Refrigerator
Well, at least how I organize mine ;)
I have steps labeled 1-6 for ya...

 Step 1: Empty everything out and clean it. Even take out the shelves. To clean everything I use my All-purpose Basic H2. This is a good time to check expiration dates.
Step 2: Veggie Drawer. I add my veggies in the bottom drawer with high humidity.
Step 3: Fruit Drawer. I put my fruit in the next drawer above with low humidity.
Step 4: Dairy & Milk. I like to keep my milk towards the bottom of the fridge because it's a cooler spot in the fridge. I use to put them on the door and I have had my milk spoil if the door doesn't get closed all the way. I also keep my yogurt, cottage cheese, and sour cream here too.
Step 5: Snack Bin and Top Shelves. I put my lunch meat and cheese for sandwiches or dinner in the snack bin. Above that, I put eggs and raw meats. Then, the next shelf is for leftovers. It's the perfect height so you don't forget to eat it. Lastly, the top shelf is for beverages.
Step 6: The Door. This is where I keep all the condiments. I put all like condiments together.
I hope this post helps you organize your fridge!
Stay Healthy,

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