2 weeks postpartum and How I already lost the baby weight!

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Before I begin to fill you in on how I was able to lose all of Grayson's baby weight and fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans within 14 days even after a c-section, a little history is needed.

Pregnancy #1 - Evan
With my first pregnancy I had the typical mind-set that this was my chance to eat whatever I wanted and to enjoy my pregnancy. So I did. During this time I was going to cosmetology school full-time (50-55 hrs/week) and I had a part-time job teaching dance. I ate out for every meal and I definitely enjoyed dessert. I went way over board with my eating and gained a lot of weight. I also held onto a ton of water. I literally ballooned up. I was unrecognizable to myself. I was introduced to Shaklee 9 months after I had Evan.

Pregnancy #2 - Owen
This time around I was still going to enjoy my pregnancy but in a healthy way. I replaced 1-2 of my meals with a Shaklee 180 smoothee or meal bar (my favorite is White Chocolate Cinnamon). 

I also often had a Shaklee 180 snack bar (my 3 favorites are Toffee and Chocolate Crunch, Cherry and Almond, and Chocolate and Coconut). 

Was I perfect everyday? Heck no!! 
Did I full-fill my cravings for sweets and lamb chops? You bet I did!! 
Did I over indulge everyday? No. 

By making these changes I lost all of the weight I gained with Owen in 3 WEEKS! Yes, I lost all the weight, an extra 10 pounds, and fit back into my jeans in 3 weeks. I was shocked to say the least! This proved to me Shaklee 180 works.

Pregnancy #3 - Grayson
With this pregnancy I did the same thing. After Grayson was born, I added Vivix to my nightly routine to help with the swelling I get after a c-section. My feet ballooned up and I could barely wiggle my toes.

What normally takes me 10-14 days to lose on it's own only took 5 days! From taking Vivix all my swelling went away in 5 days...crazy! I still have a Shaklee 180 smoothee or meal bar (my favorite is White Chocolate Cinnamon)2 times a day, a healthy snack or Shaklee 180 snack bar (my 3 favorites are Toffee and Chocolate CrunchCherry and Almond, and Chocolate and Coconut), and a healthy dinner. This time around I was able to lose all the weight and fit into my jeans in 14 days!

Basically during the last 2 pregnancies I didn't gain any "extra" weight. The kit that I am using is called Shaklee 180® Energizing Smoothee Kit and then I also get 1-2 Meal-in-a-bars and 1-2 Snack bars

Why do I get the Shaklee 180® Energizing Smoothee Kit? I picked this one verses the Shaklee 180® Turnaround™ Kit because I don't need the Metabolic Boost since you shouldn't take it while nursing. Otherwise I would get the turnaround kit.

I plan on losing the weight I had gained from my first pregnancy the same way. I'm a work in progress and plan on losing a total of 50 pounds this year :)

What a typical Shaklee 180 day looks like:

Is it affordable?
Less than $3 a smoothee? Yes, I can afford that!

Once you decide to get started here’s what’s going to happen:

  • You will order the products needed to help you lose your weight and inches
  • You join our online fun forum
  • You meet the other challengers
  • You products will be delivered to your doorstep with 3-5 days
  • You will have access to our daily workouts
  • You will have access to our daily meal recipes so you can go shopping
  • You will start to have energy, gain confidence, and see the inches drop

You need to do this right now for our Summer Special to get the savings!

Our special includes:

  • FREE Membership that will save you 15% on Shaklee purchases ($19.95 value)
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  • FREE Upgrade to expedited shipping on your first order ($26.95 value)
  • Online support forum with me and our team with over 100 challengers!!
  • Live chat available
  • Weekly emails for health advice, support, exercise and recipe tips, and more—to keep you moving towards your goals.
  • A online site and mobile App log easily and keep track of your progress on the go.
  • Win weekly prizes for logging your food and exercise and participating in the community!**
  • Ability to update friends on Facebook with your success
  • Earn FREE product by referring others to take our challenge -Just help 3 people (Studies show that sharing your journey with friends and family can make you 33% more likely to reach your weight-loss goals!)
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