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28 Day Challenge Starts July 28th!!

9:14 AM

Remember the post about how I lost the weight I gained from Grayson's pregnancy and how I lost it in 2 weeks?! Well, Project Dream Intl. is having a 28 Day Challenge that I'll be joining. We are using the same products I used to lose the baby weight.
Basically, there is a 5 day detox followed up by 23 days of healthy meals and BURST workouts! People have seen some amazing results in just 28 days when they followed our meal plan and 15 minute daily workouts. Challengers have experienced amazing energy, better sleep, clearer skin, reduced cellulite, dropped a size or two and had amazing health benefits! It's amazing what can happen in just a month!! We give you everything you need to hit your next fitness & health goal! To help keep you accountable and motivated, we have a private Facebook group to chat daily and keep you going - there is no way you will fall off the plan! 

This is what you will get:

*60 meal replacement smoothies/bars and 30 snacks, 30 teas

*30-day supply of a natural metabolism booster by #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S. - SHAKLEE

*Liver & Detox Cleansing products

*DAILY online motivating daily BURST interval training - 15 minute workouts that give results!

*Access to the 28 Day Challenge Facebook Group for support and to connect with other participants for support and motivation

*Healthy Recipes that you can personalize to your liking so you are enjoying your weight loss journey.

*Daily online support and motivation 

*Shaklee 180 APP to keep track of everything on your phone. ($11.95 month/value)

*Lifetime access to Body Turnaround Challenge bonuses and resources which means you can always stay connected in our forum

*FREE Shaklee membership if you aren't a Shaklee member yet ($19.95 value)

Our challenge is starting July 28th and you need to place your order by the 21st so it's there on time.

This is what you will need to order to join us.

Turnaround Kit -includes 2-3 meals a day, energy tea, and metabolism booster (
DTX - liver detox (Includes enough for 6 detoxes)
Herb Lax - colon detox (Includes enough for 6 detoxes)
Alfalfa - helps with bloating (Includes enough for 6 detoxes)

**If you are nursing do not take the DTX or the metabolism booster**

Products are gluten free and low glycemic.
You will get ALL your workouts FREE and unlimited support including our Facebook group, APP, meals, and more - great savings!
If you have any friends that want to join you, let me know because you can earn a FREE Kit for referring 3 others to do this with you! Your turnaround kit must be on autoship to earn your next kit FREE and you can cancel the autoship when you need to. Let me know and I can help you get yours free :)

What the Detox looks like:

To learn more about the Detox go this post --> Detox

What a typical day looks like after the Detox:

I'm so excited to be joining this 28 Day Challenge and I can't wait to for you to join me and the many others! Let me know after you place your order and I'll add you to our team page! 
Let's do this together!!

Email me at with any questions and I would be happy to answer you as soon as I can!

Go here to shop! :)

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