Did you lose your mind?

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***UPDATE: Dr. Phil is featuring MindWorks the first week in December!!! I'll update when I find out the official date :)***

How important is brain health to you?

Do you forget or lose things?

Have trouble concentrating and keeping focus?

Neural connections in our brain start declining as early as age 20. By age 45 this decline occurs even more rapidly leading to increased frequency of forgetfulness, and may result in poorer concentration and slower reaction times.

A month ago, I was given the opportunity from my friend Elisabeth, to try MindWorks for 1 month. MindWorks is one of the new products that Shaklee introduced just days ago! I'm so lucky to have been able to give it a try because MindWorks has helped me tremendously with my "Baby brain". I have noticed I am not as forgetful and I am able to focus on a task much longer. I feel I am sharper and that I am retaining information a ton better!

Introducing MindWorks

The Science behind MindWorks

3 benefits of MindWorks
The key ingredients in MindWorks have been shown in scientific studies to:
  • Improve short-term mental sharpness and focus 3x betterthan control group**
  • Protect against age-related mental decline and reduce brain shrinkage rate with B vitamins†
  • Impact blood circulation with Chardonnay grape seed extract

The Shaklee Difference

  • Shaklee is a leader in cognitive health by providing both nutritional support + CogniFit‡ brain-training software in one program.
  • Powered by an exclusive chardonnay seed extract and guarana. ONLY available to Shaklee, the Chardonnay grape seed polyphenol blend is made with a patent pending extraction process that concentrates specific polyphenols that impact healthy blood vessel function.* Our guarana has been extensively tested and is designed to help improve cognitive performance.

Common questions

1. Who should use this product and why? 
Adults age 18+ can take MindWorks to improve short-term mental performance and protect

against age-related mental decline.*
2. How does MindWorks help protect my long-term brain health? 
Studies show the key ingredients in MindWorks promote the formation of new neural
connections and reduce brain shrinkage,* a common consequence of aging.†
3. I heard that Ginko Biloba is good for brain health?
Historically, Ginko Biloba has been a key ingredient in the cognitive support category.
But emerging science has identified new and more beneficial ingredients.
4. What other products should people consider taking?
OmegaGuard: DHA is the predominant omega-3 fatty acid in the brain. An adequate supply of DHA helps the transport of neurotransmitters. Additionally, MindWorks is a part of the Healthy Solutions Regimen, which also includes Vivix®,
NutriFeron®, and OmegaGuard®. This regimen is designed to address America’s most important health concerns as we age. Save by buying the Healthy Solutions Regimen, save even more by placing it on Autoship.

How much does MindWorks cost?
SuggestedRetail Price: $58.75

Become a member and save 15%: $49.95 

AutoShip Price–Save 10%:
Suggested Retail Price: $52.87
Member Price: $44.95 

Starting now until 9/30/14 when you purchase 1 of 17 Shaklee Regimen's you will get a FREE Lifetime Memberships (saves you 15% on all products) and FREE Shipping (up to $20 for new members only)!!

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