smoothie workshop wednesday

Smoothie Workshop Wednesday Featuring Karen Miner Hurd

9:56 AM

Today I'm kicking of my first
Smoothie Workshop Wednesday
where I feature someone's Smoothie Workshop!

Karen Miner Hurd is rocking her 
Smoothie Freezer Meal Workshops!

A smoothie workshop is an in home event where people come to make pre-made, drop into the blender, freezer meal smoothie packs.

Find Karen here...

Karen's Health Story:
Before 1996 allergies and related illnesses dominated my life. I had severe PMS, joint pain, fatigue, and exzema. My doctor game up trying to control my symptoms. I never though there was any other way to live.

Just six weeks after I started with Shaklee (#1 Natural Nutrition Company), virtually all of my symptoms, including a life long problem with eczema, were gone. Many have never come back. I'm healthier now than when I was in college!

Thank you Karen for sharing!

If you would like to check out a Smoothie Workshop or get great recipes...

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