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How to Help Re-grow Thinning Hair - Before and After

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Hair Re-growth Testimony

Who doesn't love a good testimony?! I have so many testimonies of how Shaklee, The #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the U.S. and soon the World, has improved lives that I just had to dedicate a week day to just that.

Let me introduce to you Marjon who has seen huge improvement in her hair and maigraines.

"A friend of mine shared a picture of us in 2012. Before Shaklee I had a terrible bald spot that drove me nuts and my ponytail was very thin. I just took a picture of myself and the difference is huge. My hair is so full now and no more annoying bald spot!!! I've only been taking Shaklee products since last year. This is a 2012 picture but at the beginning of 2015 it probably looked worse. I deleted all the photos I had because I figured there was no point in keeping them. 
When I first started noticing my hair was improving, about a month after starting taking the products, I was doing two 180 smoothies a day and taking Vitalizer. I now take the Life Plan plus B complex, Alfalfa, Nutriferon, OsteoMatrix, GLA, Stress Relief Complex, Vitamin D, CarotoMax and MindWorks. I also since got off all my daily migraine preventatives which helped." 
- Marjon Duyvelaar Barreto

Doesn't her hair look amazing?!
It's thicker all over and it's gorgeous!

Thank you Marjon for sharing how Shaklee has helped you!

How You Can Do This Too

- First, you need to know that hair growth doesn't happen over night. Hair grows about 1/4-1/2 inch a month.

- Getting your hair trimmed about an 1/8 inch every 10-12 weeks will help keep split ends away. Split ends can not be healed so you need to cut them so they don't get worse and result in cutting more length.

- Skip the shampoo at least every other day. You can use a dry shampoo or even cornstarch (on blonde hair only) if your hair is oily.

- Use conditioner every time you wash your hair. I use this one. When you blow dry, use heating tools, and color your hair you're stripping the natural oils and drying out your ends. You need to replenish the oils and proteins to keep your hair growing long and healthy.

- Use a deep conditioner or mask once a week. The ends of your hair could be several years old depending on how long they are and they need some extra TLC. Use an oil based mask to replenish your hair.

- Use a high quality vitamin. Healthy hair starts from within. Even if you eat a perfect diet you are still not getting all the nutrients you need. You have to supplement and not just any supplement. It must be pure, whole food, no synthetic ingredients, and they must work. The best vitamins in the world you can find here. (More vitamin plans below)

- Eat lots and lots of protein. Your hair is mostly protein and for you to produce healthy hair you need to eat protein (not your hair tho). Think protein smoothies, nuts and seeds, and lean meats.

- Brush your hair gently. Brushing your hair helps the circulation of blood to your scalp and can promote hair growth. Your hair is the most fragile when wet so use a wide tooth comb and start from the bottom up.
- Do you wear your hair in a ponytail often? Your hair tie could be breaking your hair. Try switching it up.

- Lastly, use a scalp treatment. I use ProSante Scalp Treatment . Its residue-free formula is clinically proven to strengthen hair and thicken by reducing hair loss during combing. Soothes scalp irritation and protects scalp's natural, healthful oil/moisture balance for healthier hair growth.

Vitamin Plans for Optimal Hair Health

There are a few regimens to choose from. I'll start at the best and go down from there. Click on the links to find out specifics of each Plan.

Feel amazing with the best, most comprehensive nutritional system in the world.

Essential nutrition for optimal daily health.

Supports your basic nutritional needs.

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