My Summer Must Haves

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Summer is in full swing at my house! My oldest just finished Kindergarten and I'm so excited to enjoy the time I have with him.

But before we get too caught up in tan lines and sippin' pina coladas I stock up on my... 

Maxi Dress - a good, breezy dress that's comfortable on a hot day yet super stylish. Bonus points if it has pockets!
Source: Thread Lust

Sunglasses - I love my Maui Jim's but I may need another pair just like these ;)

Source: Maui Jim

Sandals - Anything with a little sparkle and is comfortable.


Pedicure - You can't wear sandals without having your toes looking cute.

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Performance Pops - We love making Performance pops and adding real fruit.

Fruit - we have fruit for days at our house during the summer.

Sunscreen - I use a natural sunscreen that is safe for the whole family.

Basic H2 - I use this to clean my fruit and veggies, as mosquito repellent, and on my flowers.

Waterproof Mascara - I can't go anywhere without wearing my mascara and it must be waterproof.

Anti-perspirant - This is my favorite anti-perspirant because it keeps me dry all day without all the icky stuff and the perfume smells.

 Energizing Tea - I love mixing Pomegranate Energizing Tea and Performance together aka Shaklee Redbull or Rocket Fuel. It's so refreshing and hydrating. A little fact, It's nicknamed rocket fuel because our Astronauts use it on their way back to earth so they don't faint.

Cocktail - a good drink at the end of the day is a must. Add a few friends and it's even better.
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Life Shake, Life Strip, & Nutriferon - smoothies, vitamins, and my nutriferon (increases your immune system) I can't live without. 

A Book - I love a good book I can get lost in. Here are some must reads for 2016. I also love to listen to self improvement books as well.

Have a great summer and don't forget to join me on social media! I'm now doing FB LIVE!

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