How to wash cloth diapers NATURALLY for only $0.08!!

11:19 AM

How to wash cloth diapers NATURALLY 
for only $0.08!

Step 1: 

  • Pre-rinse in Cold water

Step 2: 

Step 3:
  • Rinse again
Step 4:
  • Tumble dry on Medium setting 
  • or hang to dry

Cost Comparison
Shaklee Basic H2 & Basic G   $0.08/load
Seventh Generation           $0.31/load

Not only is it cheap and healthy for you and your home, Basic H2 & Basic G has many uses and lasts for a long time since it comes concentrated!

Washing cloth diapers is so easy!!

Do you use cloth diapers?

How do you wash them?

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  1. Great information Sarah! I'm nominating you for the Liebster blog award!


    1. Thanks Billie! I've never heard of the Liebster blog award. How do you nominate someone?


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