"Get Well" Slushy

1:44 PM

My friend Suni Ferrer came up with this amazing "Get Well" Slushy for when her kids are coming down with something and don't want to swallow vitamins. 

I started giving my boys the slushy and they LOVE it! They ask for it as a dessert after dinner. I have no problem with that! Healthy kids equal a happy mom :) I've even tried it and I was surprised just how sweet and tasty it was.

"Get Well" Slushy

By Suni Ferrer

Makes 2 child servings or 1 adult serving.
Blend until slushy, Serve in 2 bowls with a spoon. Cover with lid and save in freezer any unused portions. If you blend too long, then it turns into a refreshing ice beverage you can enjoy with a straw. 
Note: This can also be made as a room-temperature drink, simply use 8-16 oz. water and omit ice cubes.

Give this yummy slushy-sorbet as a natural remedy at the first sign of illness and repeat in 4 hours.

To boost immunity even more, take 1-2 Optiflora probiotic capsules per day.

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