A busy few weeks!

11:14 AM

Hi Everyone! Sorry I have been a horrible blogger lately! I have been super busy!
Here is the scoop as to what's been going on around here!
I will make separate posts soon but here is a sneak peak!

1. It was Evan's 1st Birthday!
- I added the number '1' to 2 shirts

- I made a practice cake with homemade butter cream and fondant
- I made a 2 story toy story cake with Woody's shirt design and cow print
- Decorated with the toy story theme w/ card board cut-outs, window decals, army men, monkeys, balloons, confetti, pin the badge on woody and buzz, and of course a pinata!

2. I've been organizing every inch of my house!
So far I've completed...
-the laundry room/launching pad
-kitchen cabinets/pantry
-under the kitchen sink
-the fridge
-powder room
-entryway closet
-living room/dining room
-the dog food

So I guess the whole main level :)

Tonight I'll be making homemade onion rings...yum!

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