Evan's 1st Birthday!

1:48 PM

Hi Everyone! I have failed to blog for a little while and I am so sorry! I have been super busy planning Evan's 1st Birthday party. Then the weeks just flew by!

Evan's 1st Birthday was a success! Here are some pics...
(I was so busy I failed to charge my camera and my video camera! I wasn't too worried since I knew my mom and SIL had cameras. That was until my SIL's camera ran out of batteries and my mom's must have been dropped cuz the pics were fuzzy.
If I had been more organized this would have never happened arrrg :( )

 1st Birthday Shirt:

I bought a couple shirts and printed several size 1's on regular printer paper to determine the size that looked best.

I traced the 1 on some fabric and the wrong side. I also turned the 1 backwards so that when I sewed it on it wouldn't show the traced marks (even though they will wash off I just wanted to be safe).

I cut it a little bigger.

I did the same thing on another piece of fabric but true to size. I over lapped them.

I placed the 1 on the shirt and pined it on to secure it. Then I sewed it on. I left some room to cut the edges.

I cut the edges so that when I washed the shirt it would wrinkle and frey. After I washed it I cut the edges down a little because they were too long.

Here is a pic before they were washed.

Here is Evan wearing his new shirt at Chucky Cheese's!

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