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Hello and welcome to Pampered Daughter Thrifty Wife!
I’m Sarah a Cosmetologist, a Shaklee Distributor, a Dance Instructor, a Wife and a mother of one and another on the way. I enjoy all aspects of beauty from my son’s blue eyes to a nice clean home to the perfect shade of lip gloss.

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What’s the story behind the name?
Pampered Daughter is exactly what it means. I grew up practically as an only child. I have a half-brother from my father, who is 10 years older. We only lived together until I was 7. I was very fortunate to have parents that gave and did everything for me. They still do. I was able to participate in everything I was interested. I loved dancing, riding horses, figure skating and cheerleading. Most of those I’ve had a career in!
Thrifty Wife is the reality of getting married and becoming responsible. I came to realize that I just can’t afford all the luxuries I use to have. I have to work for them. My husband has always worked for what he has and I have adopted most of his ways of being “thrifty”.

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Some history?
My first job I was a Professional Figure Skating Coach. Oh do I still miss it! In the middle of that career I went to college. Ok I went to many colleges LOL! I have many interests and I couldn’t focus on one! I started as a fashion design student in Chicago. I then transferred to a community college for fashion design and fell in love with fitness instead. I transferred to another community college for personal training. I was half finished and transferred to Western Illinois University for exercise science. I had one more year left and transferred back home to finish personal training. WOW! That’s a lot of transferring!!
When I came back home I continued to teach skating and I got another job as a dance instructor. This is when I met my husband! That’s a cute story in itself. After we married I decided I needed something more. I had always had in interest in hair since my mom had a successful salon when I was growing up. I decided this was the time to pursue it. Little did I know I would be pregnant 2 weeks after signing the contract! I almost finished in 9 months but 1 year is still very fast! I now rent a station at my mom’s salon. I get to work when I want to! I still get to raise my son without him being in daycare while I work. It’s great!

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Why I created Pampered Daughter Thrifty Wife?
I created this blog to share my life and my passions. Searching this blog you will find life stories, decorating ideas, beauty aspects, recipes, organizing and cleaning with Shaklee products.

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  1. Proud to have you as my daughter- in -law!!
    Love you Sarah!

  2. Sarah,You had and still do have hard working parents so that you could try as many things as you were growing up. The problem was you were very good at every thing you were involved in, which made it hard for you to choose. We enjoyed taking you to your lessons and watching you grow. As for your career choices, you are a very good teacher whether it be in figure skating, dancing, personal training, hair and make-up. And most of all you are a fantastic mother. You met and married an awesome man who in many many ways is like your father (that's a good thing). You have taught me many things in life, more parents should listen to their children. I am blessed and proud to be your mother and grandmother (MiMi) to Evan and Owen. Love you too much, Mom. P.S. you may have done a lot of things as a child, but your were not spoiled.


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