Before & After

Office before and in progress

9:48 AM

Back in April we bought a beautiful house and rented out our town home.

We have been working on painting the exterior and it is almost done!

In the mean time, we are also working on our office. Since Chris works from home most of the time and I also need a place to work on my blog and Shaklee business we decided that the office would be the first room to work on.

The whole house is primed white so it is great to start with a clean slate :)

On this wall our plans are to make a desk that spans the whole wall. We will add cabinets and bookshelves on top and a space for a tv that Chris doubles as a computer screen.
Also, we'll be putting 4 recessed lights in and crown molding. 

On this wall we plan on having a dry-erase board that Chris will make. I'll also be staining the door dark and painting the trim white.

This wall will have a photo collage of sport memorabilia.

Here is what we have so far...

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