Happy Birthday Chris!

10:08 AM

It was Chris' Birthday yesterday. Like many adults, he had to work.

I woke up at 5:15am with him and made him cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

Evan and I surprised him with a cupcake at lunch time from a place he's been wanting to try. I would tell you where we got it from but the cupcakes where terrible :(

When he went back to work, I stole his car and cleaned the inside and got it washed. I tied balloons around the side mirrors and made a sign in the window.

Evan waiting for Daddy to get off of work.

Here's Chris walking to his car.

 This is what he saw. Two balloons popped because it was crazy windy out.

Happy because his car is nice and clean. Knowing him it's probably already messy ;)

When we got home, we played outside and ate watermelon. It was sooo beautiful out!

This is the shirt I got him for his birthday. Sons of Anarchy is one of his favorite shows. It's definitely not mine.

We met up with my parents for dinner at Marzono's. The service was awful! We waited 20min before our server showed up. She would take our drink orders twice before we would get them. It was just super slooooooow. Plus, there were only 4 tables being used! No Excuses!

 Anyway, Chris got a bunch of clothes and new sandals from my parents. Evan helped Daddy taking them out.

On the way home we spotted 4 Bucks! We always see deer but bucks are rare! And we saw 4 together! It must have been boys night out! LOL

I only got 3 in the pictures.

Birthday and Bucks,
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