ooops! I forgot it was my birthday!

5:36 PM

Today is my Husband's 28th Birthday!

My Birthday was 10 days ago and I completely forgot I took pictures! We celebrated on the 12th and Mother's Day was the day after.

We kicked off Friday night by going to the drive-in. It's the first time with our new van and it was a blast! 

We put a mattress in the back so it was super comfy!!

We packed the van with goodies and tons of candy! Evan had fun playing with his ball in front of the screen.

Saturday night we celebrated my birthday at one of our favorite restaurants, Johnny's Chophouse in Antioch. 
See the little baby bump?!
(Note to self: Get rid of the grey sweater it makes you look 3x larger!)

 I've been craving these lamb chops for months! They make the best and I can never finish!

For Mother's Day we hung out at my parent's lake house. Evan likes to throw pebbles in the water and watch us reel in the fish. They have the best fishing spot right in front of their's awesome!

The boys are always giving gifts to the lake. ;) 
For example: lawn chairs, sunglasses, ipod, cell phone, fishing poles, a towel, part of the pier, and I'm sure more.

Here is Chris and my Dad fishing for a lawn chair that's been in the water for a couple of weeks.

Then we played with some bubbles.

Evan got to "ride" his bike. So cute!

Then, we relaxed while my mom made an amazing dinner like usual. It was a great end to a fun weekend! 
The next day was my birthday and I spent it with Evan and my mom shopping. I bought a few things for my bedroom. I bought a pair of gorgeous lamps! I'll post pics of my bedroom real soon!


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  1. Hi Sara!!!! Happy belated Birthday!!!! found you on under 300 blog hop. hope to see you soon. your photos are great. keep it up.


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