Father's Day Weekend 2012 & video

9:51 AM

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Our family has been crazy busy this week and the week is only half over.

Here is what we did for our Father's Day weekend.
Since Chris had to work all day on Father's Day, we celebrated on Saturday with him. My parents took us out to Lego Land.

This is the entrance into Lego Land.

This is the map of Lego Land. Chris was more excited than Evan :)

The first thing we saw was the Chicago Skyline. It was amazing. Everything lite up and made sounds. How awesome would it be if your home was replicated from legos for everyone to see!

Can you see Navy Pier in the back left?

In the play area, there were legos EVERYWHERE! There were race tracks where you could build your own car and race them.
Chris had a blast with this part.

Life size Darth Vader. 
Chris and Evan were both wearing Darth Vader shirts that day. I took a picture of them next to him but Evan got scared so it's not a good pic.

On Sunday, Evan and I hung out at my parents. We cruised around on the boat. Evan played in his little pool. Had some great food and relaxed.

I made this shirt for my dad. I drew on the back with Sharpie markers. There are streets to places my dad frequents. Like the bait store, work, his home, and the lake. I added a park too. 

When he wears it Evan takes his cars and follows the roads which equals in a great back massage! I even wore it ;)

I got the idea from the winthrop chronicles.

Evan also got to go on his first amusement ride!
Of course I took a video :)

Have a good day!!

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