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I love reading blogs and getting to know people and I realized I really don't have anything that tells readers who I am! :) 
So, here is a quick summary of my life events.

my maiden name is SARAH HOFFMAN
my married name is SARAH SOLOMON

I was born in a suburb of Chicago in 1984. I have a half brother, Andy, from my dad's first marriage. He is 10yrs. older than I am, so it was as if I was an only child. 

In the 80's

  • I was named after the Fleetwood Mac song SaraTUSK BY FLEETWOOD MAC (CD) which is my mom's favorite song.
  • I was involved in dance and danced for a studio that was ranked one of the top in the state. 
  • I did modeling at a mall. (Don't know the details.)
  • Micheal Jackson was my favorite singer and his music still makes me get up and dance.

In the 90's,

  • I found joy in showing horses and competing in figure skating. 
  • I was Captain of the Dance Club in 7th grade and in 8th grade I became a cheerleader. 
  • I hung out a lot at my mom's salon. That's where I found my passion for beauty.

In the 00's

  • I stayed in cheerleading and competed in figure skating. 
  • My first car was a black Honda CRV.
  • I became the Captain of my cheerleading squad my Senior year. 
  • I was also involved in choir and orchesis. 
  • I liked fishing with my dad and I still do.
  • I was a fan of Britney Spears and N'SYNC. I still love Justin Timberlake! Don't judge me :) 
  • I graduated High School in 2002.
  • I became a Professional Figure Skating Coach.
  • I got my bellybutton pierced.
  • I was crowned Miss Crystal Lake 2003.
  • I got my nose pierced. (Short lived!)
  • I became a Dance Instructor in 2005.
  • I met the man of my dreams in Sept. 2005.
  • We bought our first house in April 2008.
  • We married August 30, 2008.
  • I started Cosmetology school May 2009.
In the 10's,
  • Our first child, Evan, was born February 24, 2010.
  • Chicago Blackhawks are my favorite hockey team. I was excited they won the Stanley Cup the same year my son was born!
  • I graduated Cosmetology school in May 2010.
  • I started The Hair Slinger Salon in May 2010.
  • I became a Shaklee Independent Distributor in November 2010.
  • Our second child is due November 4, 2012.

This is a video of childhood pictures and my crowning:

This video is highlights of my Miss Crystal Lake reign:

Coming soon pictures and video of my wedding!!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little of who I am!

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  1. You're so cute Sarah! Love all your fun facts!!!

    XO, Aimee


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