Happy Halloween and our last day of being a family of 3!

9:10 AM


Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays. Last year Evan learned how to ring a doorbell. He didn't care about the candy, he just wanted to follow the other kids around and ring doorbells. I remember being so proud that he learned a new skill.

This year he wants to be Buzz Lightyear...again.

Since today is our last day of being a family of 3, the day will be filled with spending lots of time with him.

Tomorrow morning I am going in for my scheduled c-section. I can't wait to be able to move without a big belly hindering me. But, most of all I can't wait to meet Owen and stare at him all day.

I haven't been taking any pictures lately because I've been afraid my camera battery wouldn't be charged enough or I wouldn't have enough room for new pictures of Owen, on the chance he would come early.

I'm hoping the hospital has wireless internet so I can keep everyone up to date on our bundle of joy. 

One last thing before I go spend the day with "Buzz". Today is the last day I'm offering shipping reimbursement on new member orders. I had such a great response and I thank everyone for their orders. I'm excited that I get to be apart of helping you make you and your family healthier.

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