5 Weeks and 1 day pregnant

11:37 AM

I'm 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant today!

According to
This week...
  • His or her eyes, ears and mouth have begun to form!
  •  Baby's heart is now beating to a regular beat, although it's still too faint to hear.
  • His or her arm buds are just beginning to bud. They look like teensy swollen bumps at this point. In a few days, they'll resemble itsy-bitsy flippers.
  • Baby has grown to ⅛ inch long—about the size of a chocolate sprinkle.

The Baby looks like:

Pregnancy Symptoms: I don't have to pee as much anymore but I'm always hungry. I mean stomach growling hungry. I am very tired ALL THE TIME! I could sleep all day if I had the chance. I forgot to mention last week but I have pressure in my uterus which I guess is common.

Cravings: I don't have any cravings.

Baby Movement: No movement yet of course.

Exercise: I'm hoping to exercise tonight after work as long as I still have energy. I love Zumba and I'm hoping to get back into it after being sick for 2 weeks.

Weight Gain: Weight hasn't changed.

Baby Belly: Still didn't take any pictures. Hopefully my Hubby will take some for me.

Gender: We are still hoping for a girl!

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