Evan's 2nd Birthday Party - Cars 2 Theme

9:48 AM

Evan turned 2 on February 24th!
I know that was over a month ago but I would still like to share his special day.

I had a lot planned for this party but we were all very sick for 2 weeks which means a lot didn't get done.
Evan was still sick for his party so there are no smiles in any of the pictures :( Poor thing had pneumonia and we found out right before his party started. But as soon as he was put on new medication the coughing almost disapeared and he wanted to play again.

Anywhoo on  with the pictures!

This is his invitation. I don't remember who designed it but my hubby went online and had someone design it really cheap. Then we sent it over to walgreens and had 5x7 print outs.

This is what you see when you first walk in (the foyer) with the little Cars 2 tin cans that were used for goodie bags. They were filled with crayons, socks, rubber bracelets, coloring book, light up fruit snacks, and candy.

Next, you end up passing by the powder room. I already had the cars kleenx box from Evan's room. I also found cars ribbon at Walmart and tied a piece around the orchid.

Here is a not so great picture of the livingroom. I took all these pics really fast. I placed his 1st birthday pictures all around.

This is the dinning room. Lots of streamers and checkered flags. I made the pom poms above the chandelier. There is a red one there it's just hiding.

This is one side of the candy bar. I had rock candy and sixlets in the theme colors. Plus tattoos and other car themed candy.

This is the other side. The chocolate covered pretzels were a huge hit! Also, notice the chocolate cars all lined! That's how all the cars in the house look when Evan plays. Super cute!

 Here is the cake my hubby begged me to make this year. He was a big help too. It didn't turn out as nice as last years I guess because I really just wanted to order one haha.

 This is Evan trying to blow out his candles. He kept blowing but was blowing up into his hair instead of out! It was adorable! Once he blew them out he made us light them again!!

Notice his shirt! It says "I'm the BIG BROTHER". We announced that I was pregnant to everyone at the party with Evan in his shirt. Nobody wanted to say anything or they read it and didn't really think about it hahaha!

Collecting the candy from the pinata! I found Cars 2 brown paper bags at the Dollar Store!

Here he is trying to sneak a peak at his gifts!

Evan showing us his favorite gift....FRUIT SNACKS!! He is going to turn into a fruit snack on day! hahaha!

 Evan playing with his Great-Grandpa who came in from Las Vegas just for his birthday!
This is in our basement. I love all the colors in his play area!
We have a case with glass doors for autographed things and memorabilia. We have my Husband's Grandpa's old cars displayed and Evan grabbed them and showed his Great-Grandpa. It made me soooo nervous!

I didn't get pictures of the water bottles and soda. I made special labels for them :( They were a hit! And they were so easy to make!!
For the water bottles I removed the original label and replaced it with my own I made from the computer. I found checkered print and a Mcqueen logo. Then I cut little strips and used packing tape to hold it in place.

For the 2-liters I found the Rusteze logo and added what type of soda it was and printed those. I used checkered duct tape around the bottle then used packing tape to hold the Rusteze logo.

I also found Mater apple juice for the kids!

 His 2nd Birthday was nice and simple with good food and good friends and family!

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