How to get your mascara to last longer

12:19 PM

I have noticed that water proof mascara doesn't last as long as non-water proof mascara.

I recently found on Pinterest  that saline solution will prolong the life of mascara. So, I gave it a try!

My mascara was getting a little clumpy and this is when I would get a new one. You are suppose to throw away your mascara after 6 months. I have only been using this one for about 2 months.

This is my mascara before I put 4 drops of Saline Solution in it.

 Here is my mascara after I put Saline Solution in it.

Here is the mascara on my lashes. I put two coats on like I normally do.
Notice the eye on the right it is more clumpy and the lashes are stuck together.
The eye on the left is less clumpy and the lashes are more spread apart.

I would say this experiment worked! I will do this again when it's needed!

I hope this helped you save your mascara!!

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