8 Weeks Pregnant!

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8 Weeks Pregnant!

According to
This week...

  • Baby is beginning to move
  • Baby is growing nipples and hair follicles
  • Baby's pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts and anus are all in
  • Baby's head is half the size of his body and his little chin is tucked into his chest.
  • Baby's tiny tail is beginning to shrink away, giving Junior a more human and less amphibious look.

  • Until now, all pre-babies look the same "down there." This week, however, baby will begin to develop either male or female genitalia. In layman terms, your baby is beginning to develop her hoo-ha or his wee-wee.
  • At this stage, your developing fetus is 1-inch in length, about the size of a martini olive and weighs a mere 2 grams—a little less than a penny.

Here's what baby looks like:

Pregnancy Symptoms: I have extreme morning sickness. It got so bad that I couldn't even keep water down! I am now on meds to help me keep some food and water down. It works wonderful! My food portions are extremely small but I'm able to eat and don't feel like I have to make a run to the bathroom. I am also very constipated... TMI I know! It's not something I thought I would miss hahaha but when you haven't gone in over a week it's a big deal! My insides hurt! I thought pregnancy was suppose to be beautiful haha!

Cravings: I don't have any "cravings" this week but I do have a lot of foods that I think are disgusting! Mainly beef.

Baby Movement: No movement yet of course.

Exercise: I haven't exercised at all this week because of my morning sickness but I still plan on keeping up with last weeks exercises.

Weight Gain/Loss: I have lost 4lbs.

Baby Belly: nothing has changed

Gender: We are still hoping for a girl!

Tomorrow we are visiting the Dr. to get another ultrasound! I hope we get pictures this time! We decided to bring Evan along so he can see too. I know he is still too young to understand but I want to get a head start on preparing him for what's to come. We want to find out the gender so we can name him/her so Evan realizes there's a baby coming.

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